Giant Squid – Minoans


 Giant Squid – Minoans

Giant Squid are a doom, post, progressive — and I dare say– history-metal band, that  hails from Sacramento California.  This is my first time listening to this band and what I’ve experience was experimental and engaging.  It’s hard to describe their sound. I realize this could go up to debate, but I felt this band was a mix of the hard hitting, oppressively slow sound of certain bands such as The Melvins or even Black Sabbath with the cultural melodies of Dead Can Dance thanks to Jackie Perez Gratz on cello and vocals. She brings the music to a lost beauty that’s filled with regret and sorrow.

This album is an experimental metal album that dwells on Mediterranean history. As a fan of history this band really made me excited. The civilization of the Minoan’s was during the Bronze Age that flourished off the island of Crete sometime around 2700 BCE. This civilization suddenly and (mysteriously) disappeared off the map. Rumors swirl that it was either a volcano or a tsunami. The tales of Atlantis were greatly inspired off of the Minoans. There were many questions that remained about the Minoans. This album is essentially a love letter to the Bronze-age in the Mediterranean region, where these musicians share their fasciations of its history with us.

Okay history lesson over, now down to the music. Giant Squid comes into this album almost in a soft melody that sounds something out of a Lord of The Rings film. Then, the momentum builds up with the heavy drums and guitar, before a sea of sound comes smashing through my headphones and piercing into  your ear drums. There were several moments listening to this album where the sound kept knocking me off my feet.

That’s where some of the flaws come in with this album. Some of the songs seem too drawn out. Which is where I was truly mixed on. Minoan’s songs go at a gentle pace before the tidal wave of metal and doom comes crashing down. At times some of these songs should’ve been shorter. however this is my only complaint for this album. This was one of the best finds I’ve found this past year. Heavy metal fans that want to seek out something new, original and full of sound, should give Giant Squid’s album Minoan a try. It was an incredible experience that will stick with me for quite some time.



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