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Coming from Houston this eccentric southern rapper  first came to in the music scene from a MTV show called “From G’s to Gents” a reality show where ballers tried to be sophisticated. Through this show Riff Raff became associated with other musical minds in his field such as Soulja Boy and Andy Milonakis…This should tell you right away what his type of music would be.

Normally I would stay as far away from this type of music as possible.  However a friend recommended this to me convincing me that Riff Raff so bad that he was hilarious. And he was right.

This album well, honestly I don’t know where to begin on this. It truly is the definition of something so awful it’s amazing. Either Riff Raff really is a awful rapper or he is a hidden genius in music. And honestly I’m leaning towards the latter. Riff Raff picks great beats on his tracks that sound amazing. His execution is outstanding, everything sounds crisp on the album. It would’ve been a great album if he didn’t sing. His singing well…is hilarious. In fact Riff Raff is possibly one of the funniest MC’s in hip hop right now. There were lines in this album that had me laughing so hard my throat went dry. Lines such as,  “Gucci man with a spray tan” and claiming to be the white Wesley Snipes had me holding back tears.

his song “kokayne” is one of the worst songs on the album but I was still laughing as I was listening to it. The song is essentially him singing cocaine over and over again but I couldn’t help myself it was funny.

Then there was Aquaberry Dolphin. This song is quite possibly the funniest, and craziest song ever. He freestyles over a dolphin echo in this track. It gets to the point where he references it in the song, “I don’t like to drive, Versace jeans in limousine/ I could freestyle to a dolphin and a tambourine”. When I heard this I had to pause and rewind it. This was the moment where I was in tears from laughter and better yet he was making fun of himself.

I was very surprised of the guest features on this album as well. There were rappers who are already carrying some weight in the hip hop community that appeared on this LP such as Gambino and Action Bronson. Which honestly surprised me seeing them rap alongside Riff Raff.

It scares me in how much I enjoyed this album. Now will I ever go back and listen to this? probably not. Once you’ve heard this album, four or five times you’ve pretty much heard it all. Overall this album is a joke. Either made for that purpose or not is up for interpretation. But I can honestly say this album surprised the hell out of me. I can’t recommend this to everyone because it isn’t good. But there are some great lines in this album that needs to be listened too. Riff Raff may not be a lyricist. But he is downright hilarious.



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