Monte Cristo Sandwich – review

Monte Cristo Sandwich

In my little bio on this page I talked about delving into other stuff besides music. It became difficult for me to write about something other than music. Because of my busy schedule I really don’t have time to talk about a lot of things, so it became hard for me to write about something I haven’t experienced in a while. That all changed when I had this sandwich earlier today. The Monte Cristo sandwich is a sandwich that standouts out amongst the other sandwich’s. when you positively must have a sandwich that will obliterate your taste buds with taste, accept no substitute.

The Monte Cristo is a fried ham and cheese sandwich that’s a variation of the French Croque-Monsieur. Its main ingredients are bread, ham, cheese and egg batter.  However where I live in Virginia, I had this bad boy with sliced turkey alongside the ham. Nothing’s more delicious then slicing dead animals together and layering them on top of each other coated in sugar. Better yet the four restaurants where I can get this from comes with a side of either Raspberry or Strawberry. This is essential to the sandwich. If your making this at home you better have those berries by your side or else I say give up and throw the sandwich away. Likewise if you’re at a restaurant, if you don’t get a side of berries with your sandwich, then you’ve earned the right to complain to the waiter. Not only that but it should be allowed for you to go in the back of the kitchen and chastise the cooks for making this unspeakable mistake.

When you first bite into it (minus the berries) it’s like you’re about to drown in a tidal wave on deliciousness. Like most sandwich’s the cheese blends perfectly with ham or turkey. But the main killer of this beast is the bread. I have it served grilled, and deep fried and both times were excellent. Then comes the pounded sugar that sneaks up on you like a ninja and slaps the crap out of you when you start to chew. It feels like sin for a sandwich to taste so good. That’s when the berries come in, when you dip your sandwich or even spread the berries on the sandwich and take a bite out of it that’s it game over. It feels like the rest of your body shuts down to process the glory of this sandwich. You essentially overdose on deliciousness to the point that you can’t speak when you eat. All that comes out of your mouth is, “AUH” or “MMF”. It’s that freaking good.  Writing about this is making my stomach growl, while my mouth drools horrendously on my keyboard.

Now if there is a complaint, for the sandwich as much as I wish there wasn’t. It can get too moist and soggy leaving the sandwich looking and tasting like it was left out in the sun for two days. It doesn’t leave an amazing taste in your mouth but it’s still good. But if you get that perfect mix of hardened toast and moistness from the this sandwich it could become a god amongst food.

This sandwich is a crack sandwich on meth. It’s the equivalent of getting a high five from Batman or witnessing Jesus break dance it’s just epic. If you find this on a menu at a restaurant order the shit out of this sandwich. Better yet find the recipe online and make up your own epic dish. Enjoy.



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