Book Review: “The Tyrant’s Law” By Daniel Abraham

Oh man where to begin with this book. “The Tyrant’s Law” is the halfway point of the five-part fantasy story called “The Dagger and Coin” series by Daniel Abraham. Compared to most fantasy series the middle section is usually the slowest. Though it’s still the case in this book “Tyrant’s Law” still packs a big punch. I’m afraid that i’ll spill out some spoilers so I’m going to talk about the setting. The world that Abraham creates here is wonderful and full of surprises. I believe he started out under George R R martin’s wing and it really shows. Abraham isn’t afraid to kill off major characters here are there and the whole story is very character driven. There is a sense of good versus evil here but the world itself is very grey, bringing in though not a new dynamic, but still a breath of fresh air in this fantasy story. Also he comes off with his own unique voice rather than following under Martin’s heel. The nature of the story makes it difficult to discuss the plot without giving away spoilers to everyone so I’m going to try and give a brief summary. “The Tyrant’s Law” continues the story where it left off with Cithrin, Marcus Wester, Kit, Geder and Clara steering the helm of this story. Each character is trying the best to achieve their personal goals before some impending, unknown action happens. What’s so great is that every character’s actions creates massive ripples that has effects to not only other main characters but to various side and minor characters as well that easily sneaks up plot twists and sucker punches your emotions. What’s great is that all these characters do stupid things at one point or another. To the most honorable and heroic characters to the most unlikable ones. Hell I don’t even know if there is a unlikable character even the main villain who is vile in his ways has traits that make him sympathetic and at times you really feel bad for the guy. The only real problem this book has is that it’s a bit slow. Compared to the second book where a lot of events happened at such a intense level, “The Tyrant’s Law” feels like a slow burner, moving slowly towards the end before the action really picks up. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Though it was not as great as the second one, it’s still left me hungry for more. I personally can’t wait to jump back into this world 8/10


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