Book Review ‘Blood Meridian’ By Cormac Mccarthy

This was very difficult for me to review. As i’m typing this I still feel like I need to rate this lower then it should be. The violence was too much at times. And the writing was very dry in other areas as well. Almost to the point that it made me want to put down the book all together. But man the last half of that book is an incredible read. I still don’t know how to truly describe the later half of the book because it left me speechless. When I was nearing the climax of the story I realized that Cormac McCarthy crafted something that is close to a masterpiece.

I would read one paragraph and think to myself, “Good lord no one should ever read this. It is the foulest thing ever conceived” and then my mind would start racing and I would think, “I have to tell everyone about this. It is beautiful”. this would repeat constantly through this book.

As for the ending well. It’s definitely ambiguous and very haunting. I was left staring out of my window for a good while after finishing this book. Needless to say, any book I read after this isn’t going to be good, even if it’s well written. This is one of those books that will stick with you for a while, as I know it will for me. It’s a very difficult book to read but if you can stomach through it, you might come across one of the most well written books in quite possibly a long time.



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