‘Moon Knight’ By Warren Ellis – Comic Book Review

I don’t know where to begin with this book other than to say that it’s amazing. That’s saying a lot considering the interesting background Moon Knight has. He’s practically a second-rate Batman in white basically, with some crazy Egyptian mythology thrown in . However while Batman struggles with the idea that he might be mentally insane, Moon Knight essentially accepts that he’s crazy and goes with it, which is refreshing. Still Warren Ellis (the author) seemed to have a lot of fun  exploring our hero’s warped mind and his nutty connection with the Egyptian god.

Ellis gives us (and what’s also the strongest feat about this volume)  six complex one shot stories that are loosely tied together. What’s great is that he hints that their are larger issues at play, to the point that even our hero can’t resolve. I don’t want to give away to many spoilers but here’s an example of how dynamic these one shots become. The first issue of the book starts with a Moon Knight investigating a murder mystery.

While a few issues later Moon Knight has to deal with several ghosts disrupting Manhattan, that feels like something out of a horror / Sc-Fi story. This book changes it’s theme and questionably it’s genre every issue and it always holds up.

Essentially Moon Knight is quite possibly one of the greatest superhero comic books that I’ve read in the past few years. Each issue tells a different story, that somehow connects at the end of the volume. The only problem I have is that there are only six issues to this masterpiece. Definitely recommend to any comic book fans, especially fans of moon knight or anyone  interested in something gritty. Nevertheless this is a must read.



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