‘Hot Dog Wrapped in Pizza’ – Food Review

Internet please heed to my words. You must make this as soon as humanly possible. A hot dog wrapped in pizza. I first found out about this through my friend who had this at a restaurant out west, where cowboys still exist. He text me a picture of this mind boggling creation and I knew I had to have one. Now I live in the center of staple restaurants, filled with I-hop’s, Deny’s and taco bell. It was obvious that I couldn’t obtain this magical beast in any local restaurant. So I had to build one from the ground up, I had the fiances to achieve this at the local grocery store.

However my pizza was different from the one above (though I should’ve done pepperoni). No what I created was a bbq chicken pizza (local brand, not California overpriced pizza) filled with chicken, ham and sausage, that was then drowned in bbq sauce. Man typing this makes me want to make another one. In any case what you do is set that bad boy in the oven as you cook your hot dog in whatever preference you have, (boil/grill/ or microwave if you really lazy). Then you wait, wait for what would feel like a lifetime of madness roll by. When the time finally arrives when both meals are hot and steamy. You take the pizza out. and it might get a little tricky here (it really isn’t) you roll that bad boy up around the hot dog and gorge. You gorge until you can’t gorge no more. And if your not gorging then you might be doing it wrong. I highly recommend doing this with a group of friends or love ones. But if you wanna say “Fuck it! I’m doing this on my own!” then godspeed you mad bastard. I’m not your parent you do what you want.

There’s no way I can explain the taste to you. Words can not explain how masterful that taste was. But I think that was the closes thing I could experience what god felt when he created life. Or if you a non believer then i guess imagine what it felt like with Washington became a boss and freed America from the evils of the British tyranny. Where Washington then proceeded to invent freedom-like inventions such as xbox’s, big gulps, blimps, flamethrowers and Nicholas Cage’s film career…That’s right i went there.

In any case, anybody that wants a healthy diet, should run away from this beast. Seriously though if you have any health/diet issues I really don’t’ recommend this. This tasty monstrosity is the exact opposite of healthy. However, If you want something incredibly salty and overdose and delciousness then this is the meal for you my good sir/madam. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to experiment with this and make a veggie pizza with a two hot dogs at once.



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2 Responses to ‘Hot Dog Wrapped in Pizza’ – Food Review

  1. Beautyful Blogger says:

    I so want one of these!!


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