‘Prince of Thorns’ – Book Review

Now I’ve read a lot of dark fantasy filled with anti-heroes and tragic stories. (honestly they are stories in the fantasy genre.) However this one is probably the darkest. The story is about a young teenage prince with a truly awful past. To be honest, he’s more of a villain than a anti-hero yet It’s easy to understand why he is this way to. In any case the book starts off with “our hero” Jorg immediately doing something despicable with a group of horrible bandits by his side. From there it spirals into greatness. At times it almost feels like a car crash. It’s horrible to witness yet you can’t look away.
What’s really great about this book and I can guess grabbed a lot of other readers as well is the main character Prince Jorg. Going into his sociopathic point of view is fantastic. The way he perceives the world and everything around him is delightful in a wicked sense. What’s also great about Jorg is that at times you feel sympathetic towards him, even when he had done something truly awful only a few pages back. Besides the characterization the world is filled with interesting details that held my attention.
I did have a few problems though. Some of the characters felt a bit “one-dimensional” and I was sort of let down. It didn’t help either when Jorg would give some insight on these characters and they sounded interesting, until these specific characters began to speak and cliché’s spewed from their mouths. Also the idea of Jorg pulling off some of these feats that he accomplished in the book really took me out of the experience. I know it’s silly flaw but the idea of a fourteen year old leading a group of cut-throats through his wild adventure of reclaiming a kingdom felt a little far-fetch.
Still this book brings in a breath of fresh air in the fantasy genre. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy or gritty stories, preferably both.



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