‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ – Game Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is already a contender for the best game of the year. Possibly one of the best games in years as well. I mentioned the series previously in my blog where I mentioned The Witcher books where practically diamonds in the rough. Well the same could be said with the games. Though the previous games haven’t aged well, they were great games during their time. The Wild Hunt however appears to blow not only its predecessor’s, but previous RPG games  out of the water with the sheer size and content that this game delivers.

This game is dense beyond belief. An overwhelming massive open-world that comes off very intimidating yet becomes more rewarding over time. The day/night cycle along with the weather effects is icing on the cake that really solidifies the landscape of this game. It’s easy to get lost in this world with the amount of side quests that are offered in this game.

The characters, combat, story, and graphics in this game are all outstanding to. The combat has so much depth, between crossbows, swords, magic, bombs and potions in the fighting it brings various layers to the combat that is both entertaining and impressive. Every character is unique in this game. From a wide variety of morals, personalities and beliefs each character feels special to the point where you sympathize and care for these characters. Graphically this is one of the most gorgeous games I’ve ever played. I built a computer last year and my PC could only run it on medium/high. I was astounded by how beautiful everything looked. What’s really noticeable as well in the graphics department, is the facial animations for the characters. It’s almost on par with “LA Noire” in terms of animation which is a feat within itself. Finally there’s the story. I don’t want to go too much into it, in case any reader has yet to play the game or experience the Witcher lore, but I’ll say this. The reintroduciton of Ciri and her story was amazing and left me emotionally drained at times. The game ends Geralt’s tale in a masterful way to the point where there were moments in the game where I was left speechless because of the story. If you haven’t played or read previous Witcher games/books before don’t worry. This game does its best to introduce new players to the lore. Even adding a bit of back-story early on in the tutorial and giving the player the opportunity to make up the events of the previous games if they didn’t have a transfer data from the earlier games.

There are only two flaws I could find in this game. One is the camera can be awkward at times and could hiccup in a fight.  Then there’s the horseback riding. While it can be enjoyable, there have been times where the horse would glitch out or have a slow response time, at least for from my play through when I played the game. Though these two flaws were annoying when they popped up, they didn’t disrupt my experience as I continued on killing monsters.

After playing over fifty hours of this game, I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest RPG’s I’ve ever played. Geralt’s conclusion to the game series is outstanding. The open world, mixed with incredible storytelling and over forty hours of gameplay (at least for me) has made this game one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever witnessed. This game is essential for RPG fan’s and deserves to be played by every gamer.



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