Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain – Game Review



Holy crap this game is so damn good. It’s also so damn staggering that I don’t know where to start with this game. All I can say though is that this game was worth the wait. Right off the bat the intro of this game gives one of the most heart stopping, awe dropping moments in gaming ever. It gives you the tutorial of the controls all the while showing you a very dark and bleak visual of the game. In the terms of storytelling through a game this moment was perfect. Right after that the game literally throws you into the open world and allows you to do whatever. This was like crack on a pizza. The whole thing was absolutely addicting.

Right away in this game you see how increible everything looks. It’s simply jawdropping to say the least on how good Kojima Productions made this game look. Though my graphic settings weren’t the highest on PC. I was still able to run the thing on sixty frames and it was still gorgeous as hell. The animations are unreal, lighting is perfect and the art design is jaw dropping. There are so many little touches on detail too. Things that you wouldn’t think would be animated in this game yet appear. Half the time by accident too when I was playing .For instance I used a water gun to blind the guy in the eyes and not only did it work but the enemy reacted to it as well. The attention of detail is absolutely staggering.


Now this is what i love with every MGS game. Every game in the series has a very silly premise, a distracting toy, and a secret gimmick. In MGS 5 Kojima refined and evolved all of them to a sublime degree. It’s what makes Metal Gear so amazing. The fact that I could have a silly chicken hat on while my horse poops on the road to make enemy cars fly off the road. Then to add icing on the cake you can capture these men to you team by setting a Fulton Balloon on them that extracts them immediately to your base by sending them off into the sky. This not only hilarious but fun as well.

I don’t even want to get into the Fulton device in detail but I think I have to. This silly gimmick is the most essential piece in the game.  Every enemy has a set of statistics that players will eventually be able to scan for. Extracting skilled soldiers will boost abilities of Mother Base’s as well as  unlocking new equipment for development and significantly boosting Snake’s potential arsenal. You can even use this device on animals, tanks, and cargo resources. And it never gets old.

Now lets go into the flaws. First off Keither Sutherland is Snake is a mixed bag. At first I hated his voice and wished for david hayter to return. But then I eventually grew to like him as snake. However i realized that Sutherland only said about ten lines of dialogue in the game’s story line. That is if you didn’t listen to the voice messages. Still why pay so much money for a good actor to do a voice over if you’re not going to give the main character a voice? it aggravated me to no end.  Then there is the story, which to me is the  main problem with this game. The plot, holy crap its bad. The previous Metal Gear games had goofy and bizarre plots but they were engaging and you truly cared about Snake. I won’t spoil the story of the game but they left a lot of things unfinished. Characters and fan favorites of the series are introduced in this game and then immediately disappaer. There are a lot of loose ends that aren’t tied up at the end and leaves everything very disappointing.  Even worse is that this is most likely Kojima’s last game with Koonami. So we might not ever see another metal gear game again considering how crazy Koonami’s been of late.


The story gets worse the more the game goes on. Despite some genuinely amazing moments and one particularly horrifying sequence that I’ll never forget, the game’s missions become increasingly shorter and lighter. It really feels like Kojima Productions just ran out of time and money towards the end and simply cut the game short which, given rumors regarding Kojima and Konami’s tensions, might have actually happen. I feel greedy for wanting more out of the story but as a fan of the series it cant be helped. Some of the previous games such as MGS 3 and MGS 1 were both groundbreaking in story line and gameplay in a video game to the point that they felt blended in together. The events and actions in those games have been almost untouched by other companies back in the day. Now its hard not to see games coming out that weren’t inspired from Metal Gear. And that’s the real rub off. To see this game truly excel at game play but leave a complete lack luster story.

Though it may seem like I truly hate this game its actually quite the opposite. I love this game to death. The only problem is that I’m a hardcore Metal Gear fan and to see the potential of what this game could’ve really been in terms of plot makes me really upset. I wish Kojima spent more time refining the plot and resolving everything at the end.  Still I shouldn’t complain to much. Mainly because I’ve not had this much raw fun with a game for a long time. Granted I’ve played The Witcher and i’m in the middle of Fallout 4. But this game destroys both of them in terms of sheer enjoyment.

I’m honestly afraid to look up how many hours I put into this game. I started playing when it came out and I’m still playing it now. The game play is highly addicting. Yet the story itself was a real letdown. Still this is one of the best games of the year and deserves to be played by every gaming fan. It could have ditched the plot entirely and just thrown me into these environments and it would’ve been one of the best games ever made. But the story held this game back to perfection. Still in terms of enjoyment this game is easily Kojima’s and maybe even Koonami’s greatest videogame.



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