Aryabhata – Underrated Historical Figure

Aryabhata (476 CE – 550 CE)

Aryabhata was a really dope Indian astrologer and mathematician. This homie has been said by many to have invented ‘zero’ and credited for narrowing down the value of pie to the correct four decimal places. which is pretty dope. Also this Indian genius studied both the lunar and solar eclipses all the while measuring the circumference of the Earth to 99.8% accuracy. This man did all of this even before western civilization, about a millennium ago.  While the rest of the world was complaining like little babies on whether the earth is flat, Aryabhata was already studying the earth’s rotation on its axis.


This dude has pulled some of the most gangsta shit in history and isn’t even known for it. The only recognition I know about this guy (as of right now) is that India’s first satellite is named after him in his honor. And I say that’s Bull crap. This man needs to be in a lot more history books and class rooms. Easily one of the most underrated figures in history and deserves more recognition for his accomplishments.





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