Cereal on Donuts – Food Review



OK you see that up there above me? This combination is the type of mad scientist creation that would make Frankenstein shiver. Your probably thinking dear god isn’t that a bit excessive? Well it is. But it’s absolutely worth it. Now I’ve had my first experience with cereal on donuts back in August when I went to Denver. After my friends hyped up a certain food store called Voodoo doughnuts I decided to journey to this strange and magical place. The shop was absolutely packed to the brim. Maybe because there was a marijuana dispensery right next door or for the fact that the place was absolutely delicious (probably both). In any case I opted on the Fruit Loops vanilla. And let me tell you something. My stomach was in immense pain for about an hour and it was absolutely worth it. My taste buds danced the lovely dance with its old pal deliciousness. After a few bites into this tasty disaster I could’ve sworn I saw the very face of god when I was done. This must be what users of LSD feel like when they take that crazy drug. I was on a psychological trip with these doughnuts for two hours. My taste buds were trying to configure how such a creation even existed. While my mind was trying to process everything around me. Afterwards when I was coming back from reality from this sugary monstrosity I downed milk faster then a Ferrari on a freeway.

Ever since this fateful event in my life I have this delicious abomination about once a month. Because you have to mentally prepare yourself for the awful junk you put in your body and the deliciousness that your taste buds are about to experience. And it’s just as great as my first experience especially for the fact I make IT myself. By “make” I mean I buy doughnuts from “Dunkin Doughnuts” and get Fruity Pepples from the store and mesh the two together. It’s still amazing and I still get an unreal sugary high from this behemoth of a snack. The only flaw I have with these tasty treats is that there is so much sugar in them that it could be lethal. But hey if you probably already know this from the picture above.

Try to find a store/shop that sells one of these near you. But if you live in a lame area like I do, that doesn’t sell any of these. I recommend buying some doughnuts and sprinkling some cereal on the already sugary goodness.

9 Delciousness / 10


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