Kanye West – ‘Yeezus’ Album Review




With Kanye’s new album coming out soon I felt like it was time for me to review his previous album, ‘Yeezus’. This album has been bothering me ever since it’s release. Or maybe when all the awards and ratings came out for this album. some of the critics even claimed it one of the best albums of the decade let alone the year. I didn’t think this project was anything special but a lot of music fans claimed this was probably his best project to date which drove me up a wall. Now I’m not a Kanye hater, in fact I’m a big fan of his, ‘College Dropout” is still one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s just his ego irritates me.  And when this album came out and received critical acclaim I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

So earlier this week I decided to hunker down and listen to this album non stop until I could figure out why it was so great. After seven or eight listens of the album all the way through in a few days I think I realize what the problem is. Kanye West made an attempt at an experimental album and he didn’t know what he was doing. Now I don’t hate it because it’s experimental I hate it because it is a weak experimental album. I guess Kanye thought he had to dumb down his lyrics or dumb down his productions in order to make it experimental but that’s usually not the case. Some experimental albums come out sounding amazing with incredible productions and  I think the difference is that experimental bands try to push boundaries.  These songs aren’t pushing any boundaries and there isn’t any deep messages in this album. like “hurry up with my damn croissant” or “I wanna fuck you hard on the sink / after that give you something to drink”. There is nothing meaningful about that and it concerns me that a talent producer such as Kanye believes that this is what experimental music sounds like. It’s like he has to be outlandish for the sake it of it and it doesn’t come off well.

But for some damn reason I can’t stop listening to this. It’s been three stupid years since its release and I’m listening to this album again. Don’t get me wrong Blood on the Leaves and Black Skinhead are legitimately good songs. But the other ones are so bad that I think there sort of funny. I noticed this when I was re-listening to these tracks. Some songs come off sounding catchy, stupid  and goofy and it shouldn’t work but it somehow does. To this day

If this album was the embodiment of a human being I would say it would be Nicholas Cage. Some moments are incredible, other moments are terrible and then there are moments where its a fusion of bad and great. Half the time it comes out hilarious. I mean really, I can’t take this seriously!

Kanye had a pretty great discography up until this point. Anytime I listen to this album or hear someone mention it I keep thinking back from Obi-Wan from Episode 3 yelling, “You were the chosen one!” over and over again. I feel like this album had the potential to be something incredible. Instead it fell flat on it’s face. Still there are some good moments in this album and a handful of tracks that are decent. Does ‘Yeezus’ deserve the praise it got? no. But it is stupidly entertaining.




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