The Infinity Gauntlet – Comic Review


This book was insane. It’s essentially space opera except it throws almost every single character in the Marvel Universe in as well. “The Infinity Gauntlet” is nuts. I know I just said that but it really is. Imagine the most powerful villain in possibly all of literature/fiction and the Marvel Universe has to figure out how to beat this guy. You know how you hear those cliche comic book stories from non readers who roll there eyes at the absurdity of comic book stories. Well this has half of it and the other half is actually damn good storytelling.

Basically the story is this. Thanos has the infinity gauntlet acts like Kanye West and gets his ego blown so out of proportion that the whole universe tries to stop him. It sounds super silly yet when you actually read it and see the underlining themes of nihilism and optimism in the book it becomes clear that this book has more then meets the eye.

One thing I really like about this story is how the writer is  how well he is able to write all of these famous superheros at once. This is a huge problem with several writers when they write a mega story line. Sometimes fan favorite superheros sound flat in certain story lines or are just god awful compared to the rest of the cast. You can even argue this in some of the Marvel Movies. But somehow writer Jim Starlin was able to incorporate everyone in with there own voice and it comes off astonishing.  Also what Starlin does well is how he takes big philosophies and chaotic ideas and incorporates them into an explosive action story without sacrificing any intelligence. It truly is a mixture of the films Inception and Pacific Rim. An Engrossing, incredible story, yet when you take a step back its about a group of people in spandex fighting an alien who wears the most gangsta glove ever.

One major problem I had with this story was how they dealt with Thanos. I won’t spoil it but the reveal was not only anti-climatic but sort of lame as well. It was a major disappointment compared to the rest of the story. Besides that though the book was amazing.

If the marvel universe ever had a finale I think this book would be it. It ends on such a note that made me wonder how Marvel could top this. There will be moments will you will roll your eyes when you read this book. Then there are moments where you are completely engage. A great book all around.



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