‘Mein Kampf’ – Book Review.


There’s only so much I can take. You kind of know what you going to expect when you go into a book such as this. ignorance, hate, and political extremes. However what I didn’t expect was how awful Hitler’s writing is. It’s bad! Like really bad. The only reason I kept reading was because of his account of his life and views. Which were fascinating but besides that the book was a mess. Mein Kampf felt like a freshman political science major with extreme views wrote a book out of his rough draft for his final an assignment. It’s repitious, illogical and filled with so many grammatical errors that it’s not even funny. In fact its actually quite sad. Come on Hitler proofread your work for gods sake. Now I may have some grammar errors on my previous reviews, hell maybe even this review. I’ll admit I’m bad with grammar and I try my best to fix it. But I could still see the mistakes in this damn book! and if I was going to write a stupid book about myself I would at least make the fucking effort to try and improve my writing. This book is the definition of an half-ass project. Which is kinda crazy especially considering that this project  reflects the personal views and life on a half-educated man who was a giant dick head who wanted to take over the world.



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  1. I think this review puts this book in its place. Nicely done.

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