‘I Hate Fairyland’ – Comic Review



“I Hate Fairyland” is an gnarly book that will make you want to yell “HELL YEAH” even though your reading some ultra-violent/goofy over the top material. When I finished every issue in this book I basically said “HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME”. This book is essentially wizard of oz/Alice in wonderland/Super Mario meets Tarantino/Witcher/Hardcore Henry. Its ultra violent, laugh out loud hilarious, and has incredible, incredible art. Skottie Young is at the top of his game with the art in this book and the story is a real gem. I won’t talk about it because you have to read it for yourself. Word of warning this is a book for young adults/adults. Children should stay clear of this ultra violent book. Besides that this is a book that’s worth reading and owning.





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