‘Asterios Polyp’ – Book Review



This is possibly one of the greatest comic books ever made to date. The story is about a genius architect who turns 50 and goes onto a personal adventure of his life. It sounds boring but this story is really beautiful, smart and one of the most heart-touching stories I’ve ever read. Ever.
The themes are essentially a blend of Greek tragedy and philosophy and it pays off really well. Some of the philosophical elements consist of nature vs nurture, destiny vs free will, and reason vs emotion. The book essentially raises the question of how a person becomes who and what he is and it really stayed with me hours after I finished the book. Its a journey of a man’s flawed nature who most overcome himself and the impulse actions of destiny or gods.
Finally there is the art. I thought Mazzucchelli’s art couldn’t get any better in ‘batman year one’ but holy crap he proved me wrong. The art blends in and out of the story, theme and setting with ease and it will leave your jaw dropping to the floor as you flip through the pages. Whatever free time I had these past two days I spent it reading this book. Definitely up there with ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Sandman’ as one of the all time greats. Asterios Polyp is a comic that should be owned by every comic book fan.




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2 Responses to ‘Asterios Polyp’ – Book Review

  1. James R. says:

    I’ll have to check this out! Thanks


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