‘The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Volume 1’ – Book Review


Every comic book fan should read this book. Stop what your doing and pick this up. This book is hilarious. Comedy in comics isn’t always a constant, but Superior Foes pulls it off. The writing and art work together seamlessly in a laugh out loud caper that you’ll probably want to read several times over.

Spencer (the author) created a gem with this story. This is a guy who’s known recently for the latest uproar in Marvel. I don’t care what people say about this guy he’s a solid writer so far. Anyway back to this book. If you put all of Spiderman’s B/C list villains together and see what wacky antics they get into. Whats crazy is that Spiderman doesn’t really make an appearance in this series except for a few panels. This book is dedicated to the villains. The basic premise of the story is this. The leader of the group,Boomerang has a plan to put the squad back on the criminal map and it involves a head and the crime boss known as The Owl. What these criminals don’t know is that their leader may have dealings with another famous crime boss, The Chameleon. To add on top of that The Punisher may be in town and looking for the gang as well.


The whole experience is amazing. There is only one complaint I have and that’s with one of my favorite Spiderman villains “The Shocker”. I loved everything about him the suit, his gadgets and his demeanor. In this book however he plays a bumbling idiot whose usually the butt of the jokes in every scene. It’s hilarious but it feels out of character for me as well.

Overall though this book is amazing and it needs to be read by everyone including that wierdo friend of yours that doesn’t like reading books. I haven’t read anything so entertaining and hilarious in such a long time.




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