‘Aquaman Vol 2: The Others” Comic Book Review



Eh. That’s what this book had me feel. Which is a shame because Aquaman is a vastly underrated superhero in general. There are so many potential story lines that could work for this character and there a lot of great ones that he is in as well such as the previous volume. But this volume made me want more of a…aquaman-ish feel to it.

I don’t know. I guess this volume was entertaining in the action sense. The problem is that it didn’t go the direction I thought it was going to. From the last trade that there was going to be a big hunt for Atlantis and it was hyped up so much that you couldn’t help but get excited. It was going to be sweet, secret reveals and watery epicness.

Instead I got the back story of a C rated super hero team I don’t really know or care about. They felt like one off characters that everybody else makes fun of. And it was kind of thrown in your face as well. Still, there were a lot of fight/actions scenes that made up for it. And Black Manta was amazing in this. I’ll admit it was a pretty epic way to introduce a classic Aquaman villain. However near the end of the book everything sort of felt bland and tiring. Also I swear to god if I ever see the whole ‘I need to do this alone’ routine in a comic book story again i’m gonna lose it. Granted there are really good stories that have used this particular theme. But it definitely doesn’t work with Aquaman and hopefully I wont see this theme/plot idea show up ever again in these volumes.  This series still has potential  to be a really great series. But this arc doesn’t live up to those expectations yet.





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