‘Archie vs Predator’ Comic review


LOOK AT THIS! THIS IS REAL AND ITS AMAZING! Archie vs Predator is one of those books that you didn’t know you needed in your life until you read it. This book is everything you wish for. 50’s nostalgia versus 80’s nostalgia, the eternal teenagers versus a killer alien.Filled with a high body count, cheesy/awesome one-liners,.self-aware, and utter  train-wreck of amazingness. But whats amazing is that this train-wreck is very controlled and its steered toward your enjoyment. Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz manages to keep just enough of the overly sweet feel of Archie in this blood-soaked comic. Imagine if “The Walking Dead” and Marvel’s “Wizard of Oz” series horrifically mesh together. This is essentially what you get and it still comes off appealing.

The only real drawback I could see in this book was from the first issue. It builds up a bit slow in the opening. But man when it gets going it REALLY gets going. Besides that I had a blast with this book. Obviously this isn’t for everyone. Fans who hate violence but are fans of Archie might want to steer away from this. Lets face it though, from the title alone you know what your getting yourself into. This is hands down one of the most bizarre and hilariously-amazing things to come out of comic books  a long time from any publisher and I urge everyone to at least give this a shot.





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  1. C.S. Wilde says:

    This is so awesome I can’t even.

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