Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: Faces of Death – Book Review


This book is one of the biggest disappointments I’ve read in a long time. I’ll get straight into this. So the first issue was pretty good and had a neat idea/narrative towards the Joker. But after the first issue though this volume goes downhill faster then a fat man falling off a hill with dumbells in his pockets.

Detective Comics as a title sounds like something that would showcase the crime. A story that would have a theme around solving a mystery with the quality of Batman. What we get however is a story, where all he did was employ violence every step of the way. It was incredibly disappointing seeing this go on and on as the book continued. What’s worse is that this wasn’t the biggest flaw.

The biggest flaw of this book was the characters. vr7gpyI don’t care about anyone in the story, heroes or villains alike, because I don’t understand the motivations driving them to make the choices that they make. Then there is the dialogue. Good God the fucking dialogue is so bad. I’m just going to spoil it. This scene right here ruined the book for me. I couldn’t read the rest of the issue until a day later. I had to physically recover from this awful pun.

The only real redeemable factor here is the art. There is no denying how well it is. Yet its not enough to make this volume good.

Even though this book looks good it doesn’t have a decent story line. It’s just a mishmash of villains with Batman chasing after them to no real purpose. It’s just a series of things that happen and they don’t feel connected or that they’re going anywhere new. Compared to Scott Snyder’s “Court of Owls” with its combination of focused original story line, taut writing and great art, and “Faces of Death” comes off as amateurish, bland and sloppy.




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