Desiigner – ‘New English” Album Review



‘Desiigner’ is a up and coming rapper who took the whole music industry by storm with his Panda single. Music listeners watch with curiosity what he would do next after ‘Panda’. And what ‘Desiigner’ proved was that he was a ‘Future’ clone. Now granted I’m not a big Future fan but I can at least respect him for the style he uses in the world of hip-hop. Its one thing to take ideas from musicians that inspired you. But its another thing entirely when you rip off there entire style and frankly I have no respect for that. This whole album sounds like something ‘Future’ would do except if every song was poorly made.

Everything feels rushed and half-ass. There are fourteen tracks on this monstrosity and only two good songs and unfortunately one of them is Panda. For someone whose been copying ‘Future”s style,  New English sounds like a watered down version of ‘Future’. 

The only real plus on this album is the instrumentals. The beats are killer and theirs no denying that. Actually ‘Pusha T’s’ verse was pretty good too. So there are two things that are good with this album. Besides those two positives this album is awful. Which is upsetting because I was interested in what ‘Desiigner’ had to offer. And Apparently he didn’t have anything good to offer.

This album is sloppy. It feels like a mess from beginning to end. I don’t know what was going through desiigner’s head when he was making this project. And it stinks because he had potential to be a good musician. Now there’s a big possibility that he might be a one hit wonder at this rate.



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