‘Let Us Prey’ – Movie Review


Wow! this movie was a real surprise for me. “Let Us Prey” is a UK/Irish horror film that is available right now on Netflix (In the US at least). The plot of “Let Us Prey” is pretty predictable however the  writer/director Brian O’Malley nevertheless delivered a compelling, and brutal atmospheric horror/thriller. Straight from the eerie opening sequences where Liam Cunningham from ‘Game of Thrones’ appears. Along withan army of black birds,  you’ll immediately realize that O’Malley has to be a lover of the horror genre and it definitely shows. Also the script borrows all kind of ideas and elements from different horror sub genres, from 70’s grindhouse to psychological horror movies and even the slashers from the 80/90’s.

The acting in this movie is pretty solid. Liam Cunningham essentially nails his role. He’s  well-cast as the mysterious stranger who arrives to this remote Irish community. Not wanting to give to much away Liam essentially is a force of nature in this film and It’s up to the main character Rachel Heggie, on her very first night at a new location, to deal with the chaos that suddenly surfaces.

The film feels like a demonic version of one of John Carpenter’s movies. Even the main song and bits of the soundtrack sound like something straight out of “The Thing”. I know some people would be annoyed by that but i personally enjoyed it. As for the violence/gore, well there is a lot of it but then again your watching a horror movie so its no surprise. The special effects and make-up art are impressive and there’s  some cool scenes that go along with the effects. The primarily problem with this movie is the plot though. There are several cliche’s in this film that will make you roll your eyes. Also there are a couple of absurd loops near the end, including one of the most derailed serial killer’s in recent movie history. There will be moments you will sit there and say, “Really?” as your watching. Moments where they could’ve easily solved a situation but went further down the rabbit hole of murder/madness. Still this movie is pretty good. Cunningham is great and the rest of the cast are solid as well, including the main female actresses such as Pollyanna McIntosh and Hanna Stanbridge. If your not squeamish towards gore I say give this move a watch. Especially for horror fans in particular. If you like horror/thrillers then you should definitely check this one out. It may not be that scary but its still a fun ride.





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