‘Child of God’ – Book Review


Damn you Cormac McCarthy, Your a sick son of a B. I thought Blood Meridian was awful then you go and give me this. And for some reason I love it. Child of God is about a reclusive hillbilly that spirals further and further down the path of evil, and madness. Cormac always holds me breathless with his novels. Filled with violence and human degradation and you think it would get old but they never do. I think he has said at one point that violence and human degradation are conditions of life. Reading through his books makes it difficult to argue against him. The only flaw I could think of is that Cormac could’ve flesh out the story a bit more. It might have to do with the fact that this was one of his first book.Still parts of the climax didn’t grab a hold of me compared to his other books. Besides that, this book was still great. There were moments where I was genuinely laughing out loud. Cormac had a very Coen Brothers style of humor that I never expected of him. He somehow has the ability to turn awful, degenerated human qualities into poetry. Granted the poetry is darker than an abyss but it comes off as poetry nonetheless. This book is dark, gruesome and at times just plain wrong But damn if it isn’t a good read. If you have the stomach for it give this book a shot.




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