‘Kill or be Killed’ – Comicbook review


Wow. this is Brubaker’s best book yet. Along with his go to collaborative partner Sean Phillips, these two made another great book.

The synopsis is about a 28 year old grad student named Dylan. He decides to commit suicide over several frustrations in his life. Mainly over a girl as well. Except, at the last moment, a demon saves his life! There’s a price to his second chance though and Dylan must kill someone who deserves to die every month otherwise the demon will take his life. Hence the title.

The whole idea of a masked lunatic shooting up bad guys in random areas around NYC is exciting, brutal and instantly grabs you.The setup is intriguing too – is the demon real or is Dylan just crazy and created the demon as an excuse to act out his darkest desires? A little bit of fight club thrown into the mix which is neat and Brubaker deliverers it very cleverly. He drops subtle hints throughout to make either explanation viable which keeps you guessing.

Both these guys improved on their craft. Well sort of, Phillips made a flaw in this volume that he still hasn’t throughout his career. Facial expressions. 9/10’s of the time the art on the characters are incredible. Yet once every three issues a character makes a ‘derp’ face which comes off hilarious and kills the vibe of the story. He’s been doing this since hellblazer and granted its a small complaint its something I wished he improved on. Outside of that minor complaint, this book is a real gem and is a must read for noir and comic fans.





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