Sampha – ‘Process’ Album Review



Sampha Sisay is a newcomer in the music world that has been bringing a lot of buzz with him. After singing with Solange, Kanye, Drake, and Frank, Sampha releases his debut LP ‘Process’. Numerous fans and critics have been waiting for this album for a few years. Well the wait is finally over and Sampha delivered something really special.

The production is a beast within itself. Some of the production felt heavy while other songs were soft and spacey. Sampha showed how balanced he can be with his work. While the atmosphere of these songs are unique, the vast majority of  the album overall is poignant and powerful. Highlights include ‘Plastic 100°C’, ‘(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano’, and ‘Timmy’s Prayer’. Sampha’s voice is rich with emotion, and he is often accompanied by wonderful background instruments that support the gravity of the album.

A flaw that I think some people will make note of it is that Sampha sounds very similar to James Blake. Granted It’s a similarity only in the tone. And when you push past the tone you can tell that their styles are vastly different. Still the tone could throw some people off this record which would be upsetting if it did because this album is very good. Besides that, the only other issue I had with this album is the ‘freshman album’ flaw. Compared to some of his earlier singles, a few of these songs don’t feel as bold or as inventive compared to other tracks in his previous works. But this is still a small law to the overall project.

 ‘Process’ is a meditative work, where he processes grief along with a road towards self-discovery. Sampha throws a unique spin on electronic and R&B music. With meaningful songwriting and sophisticated production, Sampha delivers One of the best debut albums to come out since FKA Twigs LP1. A must listen to music fans.




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