All-New Wolverine, Volume 1 – Comic Review


Having a new or different character take up the mantle of an original character is a real problem I have with comics. It’s up there with ‘Super Mega Event Bring All The Characters Together!” crap that annoys me. Everyone knows the original character will come back in a few years. What bugs me more too is that the replace a male role character to a female. It’s not that I’m sexist but it’s such a lazy cop out and  comes off as trying to hard to get female readers. Meanwhile, you got the other end of the spectrum where guys hate a female lead because she’s a woman. 21084792Then the internet blows up with all kinds of angry fans, arguing over nothing, everyone fights about this stupid nonsense, and the comic book community looks like a bunch of morons. It’s a wonder why everyone outside the medium makes fun of us. Whatever that’s a topic for another time.

Still outside of all the flaws that could come with this series, All-New Wolverine works and for several reasons. First, Laura/x-23 is a fantastic character. Like Barbara/Batgirl she has a distinct personality that makes her stand out compared to other super heroes. She’s only been in comics for about ten years which is sort of new compared to other characters. The second is the writer himself Tom Taylor. This guy could write about turtles walking and I’ll have fun. His take on Laura is fantastic and really adds layers to an already great character. The art is okay, nothing cutting edge but it is crisp and colorful.

The real flaw I guess is the recycled plot and characters. Yes there are clones, yes human experimentation is bad. We get it, its been done in every wolverine book since wolverine was created. It’ll come off feeling regurgitated to pickier readers and marvel fans will be annoyed.

Still I thought it was a fun volume. Even though I loathe the idea of these spin-off things. In the end, this book was better then I expected.






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