Syd ‘Fin’ – Album Review



Born Sydney Bennett From Los Angeles, the 24 year old has been a part of a loose kinship of musicians, like Frank Ocean and her brother Taco, who rode into the public eye with Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future. She went on to become a part of the group ‘The Internet’ releasing three albums. Their 2015 release Ego Death provided a breakthrough for the band, and gained them a Grammy nomination. Now Syd is going out on her own path that has caused both buzz and excitement in the musical community.  The release is finally here and Fin is proof that Syd is a talented artist.

Syd brings love and heartbreak, stress and endearment to this album. It plays on various stages on relationships through the course of the album.There is a clear thread that runs through these tracks they’re quiet, yet subtly great with every listen. There is nothing in this album is too much of a drastic departure from Syd’s previous work as lead singer of The Internet. It feels more like a subtle continuation.

The key to Fin’s easy balance is Syd’s voice. Her wispy smooth voice has yielded subtle emotional resonance, The single ‘Body’ is Syd at her finest. she displayed restraint in producing the majority of the track with only an eerily rumbling bass line and a whisper while her soft vocals plays out some sexual tropes of R&B. ‘Body’ attains a perfect mix of the trap low-end with a hint of soul.

This album however has some unfortunate flaws. A minor one is the repetition on a few tracks. Some songs such as ‘smile more’ get very repetitious where she keeps singing, “You can leave ’em on” over and over. It becomes stale after a while. It’s not just her voice that is stale either some of the production feels like its on repeat as well. It made me wish that Bennett delivered a few tracks with more range, to break away a bit of the usual tempo. With the lack of flow in some of the tracks, it leaves most of Fin hitting a moderate to slow pace. It’s not a bad thing, but not always exciting either.

Fin is a record of intimacy and reliance. A wonderful combination that Syd has pulled off well. It speaks from the heart and brings up personal problems such as anxiety. This theme feels like she invites us to share these moments it comes off rather touching and special. Syd has proven that she can stand out on her own and I look forward in her future works. Submerse yourself and enjoy it.



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