Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle- Comic Review


This comic felt like I brushed my eyes with sandpaper. Here’s the whole plot, Daredevil is sending a very bad man to Texas to stand trial. Why Texas? Because Texas has the death penalty. Ok why? because this guy needs to die… okay.  So when the Punisher shows up to shoot this dude with a ginormous gun this causes problems? whatever and this is the entire plot. I’m not joking that is the whole premise to this story. It’s as bad as it is generic. Even the villain isn’t memorable.

The art is a waste too. Comic fans could tell that this artist tried to do art from previous daredevil stories. Dark, and crisp except the art in this is just bad. Some of the postures of the characters look like their drunk or having a seizure. Some of the facial expressions had me laughing out loud in between the untold rage I was building up through this book.

Seventh Circle, is the perfect name for this book because it is a hellish read. Zero story, with nothing to engage the reader, no decent character moments, no great scenes, just forgettable action from the first page to the last.



He’s driving a van you moron!





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