‘Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 1, The Rickshank Rickdemption.’ TV Review


Wow, like everyone else I did not see this coming. A season premiere at the tail end of April Fools. Also it kept going about 10 times in a row. Over placing other shows like Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super. No lie I was upset, yet at the same time I got new Rick and Morty so it sort of balanced itself out. Now there will be some spoilers later on in the review so if you haven’t seen it yet avoid a paragraph that has a bunch of words in caps.

So recap, on earth the galactic federation has taken over the world, Jerry has been promoted five times even though he doesn’t know what his job is, Morty and Summer try to rescue Rick while Rick is being interrogate by the federation and gives a goofy backstory on his life and a strange sketch on McDonald’s soy sauce that was used to endorse the movie Mulan.

(SPOILERS) so right off the bat things get crazy. Summer digs up a dead Rick from their backyard which was a nice callback to seasons’ past and a dark reminder of life’s pointlessness when multiple dimensions are involved. The duo find the portal gun and Morty takes us back to Cronenberg world to show Summer the devastation Rick has caused. Here, they find themselves in trouble once more, as Morty’s true family eat Cronenburgers. Luckily, Ricks from the Citadel of Ricks are on hand to save the day, sort of. From here on out everything turns into a fiasco with hilarious results. The whole episode ran smoothly with the plot and the comedy kept me roaring every few seconds. Right away I knew this was a fantastic episode.

The only flaw with the premiere is that it basically pulls a reset on the series. (SPOILER ALERT; DON’T READ THE REST OF THE PARAGRAPH IF YOU WANT THIS EPISODE TO BE RUINED) Rick is back, the council of ricks are destroyed and the Galactic Federation is no longer in control, so we’re all set to start over with weekly, self-contained, kooky sci-fi adventures. That’s sort of a let down because the last season had a build up to the finale and to see it all concluded in one episode felt anti-climatic. Still, at the same time, Jerry and Beth getting divorced (or at least taking the divorce theme more seriously) is a nice-fresh development that’s been a long time coming and the tag that brings Tammy and Birdperson or should I say “Phoenix Person” back implies there may be echoes of Rick and Morty’s past showing up to challenge their future.

“The Rickshank Redemption” essentially redeemed the idea of April Fool’s Day. This episode came out of the blue, and picked up right where the Season 2 finale left off. It kept the level of humor and quality high even as it repeatedly defied everyone’s predictions about where the story was heading towards. Like most Rick and Morty episodes, this one delivered plenty of weird, goofy humor along with the grim portrait of a mad scientist who hates everyone including himself.

Rick said it best at the end of the episode, “Nine more seasons, Morty!”





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    Great review, have you shared your writing on any movie websites before?



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