Descender, vol 1 ‘tin stars’ – comic review


A space opera with a lot of heart. Jeff Lemire does it again as he mixes Star Trek and A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Jeff of course blends his own version of storytelling. I may have enjoyed the work more if Lemire himself drew it because he’s drawings work perfectly with his writing. Then again that’s ridiculous of me to say when Dustin Nguyen is doing the artwork. His watercolors bring a nice layer to the story. I wish I could say what was holding this book back from a nine or ten rating. It had everything in it, yet I really wasn’t drawn into it compared to his other works. Perhaps that’ll change in the next volume seeing as how the climax/ending ended on a wild note. Overall Lemire surprised me with this book and its well worth the read for fans of scfi or fans of the author.







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