‘Catwoman: When in Rome’ – Comic Book Review



Conflicted. This is a 6/10 book, with an extra score because the art is stunning. I love Tim Sale’s art and enjoy his layouts, and use of silhouettes. Yet this book had water coloring by Dave Stewart and it added a whole new level of gorgeous art.  Now the rest of the book is mix. Loeb is great with Selina and brings back some sarcastic, internal dialog that works out well. The book is a fun heist book mixed up with Selina seeking information about her parentage, in a Rome setting. Yet Loeb is the real issue in the story.  He can’t get past the falcone story from his previous works and focuses this entire story around the falcone’s to the point it feels rehashed. Speaking of rehashed there is dialogue and internal dialogue that’s basically copied and paste from ‘long Halloween’ and ‘dark victory’. Sure it can be argued that it was used for referencing or a nod to his previous works. But it comes off more like lazy writing. Still the story had a bunch of great twists from Loeb that caught me off my guard. Overall decent cat-woman story with amazing art. Definitely worth the read for batman fans.






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