Moonshine, Vol 1 – Comic Book Review


Honestly I don’t understand the hate behind this book. It’s noir, Southern gothic, horror story, following mobsters and hillbillies in Prohibition-era Appalachia. Oh and theirs werewolves which is awesome in my mind. The writer Azzarello strikes a great, balance between the dialog and characterization. It comes of well and really kept me enthralled with the story. Eduardo Risso the illustrator is fantastic as usual. In my mind he’s always mastered the art of subtly. His use of bold silhouettes, white space, and lighting have always been incredible in ‘100 bullets’ and it continues in Moonshine. I feel like almost every page could be a cover for the story.

Now the flaws, My only complaint on Risso is that some facial features come off very strange, which bothered me, and some of the supernatural appearances made were hit or miss. A bigger problem in the book is Azzarello. ‘100 Bullets’ could get very confusing and complicated at times and it was starting to show in this book. Granted I didn’t get lost, but the story was teetering on the edge of confusion. Another factor with the story is that it sort of went in circles. Nothing really got resolved until the final issue. That’s where part of the confusion lies in. I figured Azzarello was trying to build up suspense but it didn’t necessarily work all the way through.

Still this is a great volume that I recommend. Doesn’t deserve the hate that it gets and I’m looking forward to the next volume.






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