‘The Tao of Wu’ By Rza – Book Review


As a fan of Hip-hop since I was little, I’ve always loved The Wu-tang Clan. To me they are one of the greatest groups in Hip-hop. So when I found out Rza made a memoir I knew that it would be a good and I couldn’t wait to see his perspective on life. What I got instead was something totally different. ‘The Tao of Wu’ is half biography, half spiritual/philosophical book and it came with several flaws.

Now I really enjoyed this but RZA’s writing is very chaotic. I’ll start with the good stuff. Its really nice how each chapter is at the most ten pages. And in-between the chapters are some thoughts on life lessons or meditations. However these short stories are misplaced. His life chronology is jumbled up and difficult to follow. He goes into something called, ‘The pillars of wisdom’ however they aren’t parallel to what hes describing. The Tao of Wu is like starting in a middle of a conversation. Then he throws out goofy stuff like, he is God but Allah is greater. Or how he was reborn yet he’s still dead. He’s not religious but Islam is the way.  The craziest/best one is when Rza claims that the anime, “Dragon Ball Z” represents the journey of the black man in America .The way he talks about subjects such as spiritual gifts feels like ADHD he goes to different topics. Now do I hate this? No, in fact even with these flaws I was still entertained by his ideas. Even through the craziness of this book I still found tidbits of knowledge. The book overall is a clumsy mess but a wonderful mess.




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