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Kill or be Killed Vol 2 – Comic Book Review

  OH, MY GOD. It is very rare for a second volume to follow up an explosive one like the first volume. But I’ll be damned if Brubaker and Phillips didn’t deliver. Things are really starting to get “real”. The … Continue reading

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Moonshine, Vol 1 – Comic Book Review

Honestly I don’t understand the hate behind this book. It’s noir, Southern gothic, horror story, following mobsters and hillbillies in Prohibition-era Appalachia. Oh and theirs werewolves which is awesome in my mind. The writer Azzarello strikes a great, balance between … Continue reading

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Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle- Comic Review

This comic felt like I brushed my eyes with sandpaper. Here’s the whole plot, Daredevil is sending a very bad man to Texas to stand trial. Why Texas? Because Texas has the death penalty. Ok why? because this guy needs to die… okay. … Continue reading

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All-New Wolverine, Volume 1 – Comic Review

Having a new or different character take up the mantle of an original character is a real problem I have with comics. It’s up there with ‘Super Mega Event Bring All The Characters Together!” crap that annoys me. Everyone knows the original … Continue reading

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‘Kill or be Killed’ – Comicbook review

Wow. this is Brubaker’s best book yet. Along with his go to collaborative partner Sean Phillips, these two made another great book. The synopsis is about a 28 year old grad student named Dylan. He decides to commit suicide over … Continue reading

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Death of Wolverine – book review

  The art was fantastic but the majority of this book was a let down. From the dialogue to the big reveal. There were several moments where I was disappointed. Your waiting for a big reveal or some crazy plot … Continue reading

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‘Asterios Polyp’ – Book Review

  This is possibly one of the greatest comic books ever made to date. The story is about a genius architect who turns 50 and goes onto a personal adventure of his life. It sounds boring but this story is … Continue reading

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‘I Hate Fairyland’ – Comic Review

  “I Hate Fairyland” is an gnarly book that will make you want to yell “HELL YEAH” even though your reading some ultra-violent/goofy over the top material. When I finished every issue in this book I basically said “HOLY CRAP … Continue reading

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One Punch Man – Book Review

This is just…This is just Yes. one day I’ll go into a complete and detailed review of this manga series. But for now here are some pictures. Get it. Own it. Love it. 10/10

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Washington DC Comics

Here is a great link about comics in the DC area

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