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‘Marijannah – Till Marijannah’ – Album Review

      Marijannah are a new band from Singapore China, that sits in the center of a Venn diagram between ‘Black Sabbath’, “Sleep,’ and ‘Harry Potter.’ This sludge metal group offers a heavy, psych/stoner rock with slick riffs played … Continue reading

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Syd ‘Fin’ – Album Review

  Born Sydney Bennett From Los Angeles, the 24 year old has been a part of a loose kinship of musicians, like Frank Ocean and her brother Taco, who rode into the public eye with Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future. She went … Continue reading

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‘Psychic Raptors of Lust’ – Book Review

  Ok, You know what your getting into with this from the title and cover. Here’s the summary. Scientist woman working on time travel experiment. Vaguely distracted by husband leaving her the same day she’s going to run the experiment. … Continue reading

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‘Child of God’ – Book Review

Damn you Cormac McCarthy, Your a sick son of a B. I thought Blood Meridian was awful then you go and give me this. And for some reason I love it. Child of God is about a reclusive hillbilly that … Continue reading

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Historical FIgure – Subutai

(forgot I wrote this a year or two ago. Still makes me laugh) Ok internet time for a history lesson. Now I just found out about this guy today and if i get anything wrong i apologize. In any case though … Continue reading

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